Condo Review: Why You Should Buy Woodleigh Residences

Why I Decided To Survey The Woodleigh Residences

Following my survey of Kent Edge Slope Residences, I have chosen to keep composing on a similar theme. To discover a property in thickly populated Singapore with a greenery see directly in your front room. While beforehand an uncommon product, the ongoing increment in the inventory of lodging units(due to the enbloc fever) has all of a sudden made them progressively accessible in the present market. This post will be section 2 out of an arrangement that investigates new dispatches with parks directly adjacent to them. Connections to the next post in this arrangement will be made accessible at the base of this page.

Area Of The Woodleigh Residences

The Woodleigh Residences is situated at Bidadari Park Drive. Taken care of between the bustling blood vessel Upper Serangoon Street that brings you straightforwardly into the downtown area just as Bidadari Park, a peaceful urban desert spring that will go about as a green lung for the Bidadari bequest in 2020.

The task is likewise an incorporated improvement that houses three degrees of business shops, including a grocery store, public venue, childcare, banks, therapeutic offices and a police post. With everything legitimately beneath the residences, occupants remaining there will have all that they need under one rooftop. Being an incorporated advancement, it is likewise straightforwardly associated with Woodleigh MRT station, the underground transport exchange and Bidadari Park.

The Absolute Most Significant Property Of The Woodleigh Residences

Comforts aside, coordinated advancements are additionally a rare ware in Singapore. As of now, there are just six such different activities that offer similar highlights. These incorporate Watertown, Bedok Residences, Centris, Compass Statures, Hillion Residences and North Park Residences. Also, of these 6, just Watertown and North Park Residences have insignificant greenery confronting units. Since both are sold out, the best way to obtain them is to sit tight for them to show up in the resale showcase. What’s more, regardless of whether they do, it may not be the unit type you are taking a gander at nor costs you anticipated that them should sell.

In many apartment suites, the centre is consistently to make a focal point at the core of the improvement. These focal points can be basic offices, for example, the pool, clubhouse or at times, only an immense green yard. Units confronting these offices will consistently order a higher premium contrasted with those confronting the street or somewhere else. On account of The Woodleigh Residences, the offices are not the fundamental feature. The modeller gets this and has structured the whole townhouse into a horseshoe design confronting Alkaff Lake. With this course of action, beyond what half of the units can get a perspective on either Alkaff Lake or Bidadari Park. Either straightforwardly or slantingly from their lounge room. A good knowingmalta property long term investment.

Offices At The Woodleigh Residences

While you may think having a greenery see directly in your parlour at an incorporated advancement is sufficiently noteworthy, what takes the cake is the indoor onsen. The indoor onsen, basically, is an augmentation of The Woodleigh Residences through a connection connect crosswise over Bidadari Park Drive. This raised tear structure puts you legitimately before Alkaff Lake, so you can unwind in an indoor “natural aquifer” while confronting the lake. An encounter that you can never imitate anyplace else. So regardless of whether you don’t possess a unit straightforwardly confronting the greenery, this experience is accessible to all occupants, be it no matter what. This perfect escape to unwind is comfortable. On the off chance that you are not an inhabitant, a café legitimately underneath the onsen additionally offers a similar view, but not a similar encounter.

The Indoor Onsen(For Occupants) With The Café At The Lower Level


Area Of The Onsen At The Woodleigh Residences

Notwithstanding the Onsen, The Woodleigh Residences likewise highlight a few offices in the core of the advancement. These incorporate your standard pools, clubhouse, child’s pool, play area and bar-b-que territory. What’s missing is the tennis court. I accept that in the plan procedure of guaranteeing most units get the lake see, the horseshoe format outweighs everything else. Since tennis courts are in every case never highlights, there is essentially no perfect spot to put them. Maybe that is the motivation behind why there are no tennis courts in this improvement.

What’s So Unique About Bidadari Park?

The word Bidadari is a Malay expression for “pixie”. The starting points from the name of the bequest originated from a Danish lady Zubaidah Binti Abdullah who was the second spouse of Abu Bakar, the primary Sultan of present day Johor. The bequest was a blessing to her, and I assume it was her excellence that enlivened this name. In any case, the Sultan moved to Johor in 1885, thus did her. The castle in the home was then obliterated and gave path for a burial ground. Since 1996, the legislature has chosen to redevelop the whole region (much like Bishan, Changi, Novena).

There are three principle highlights of this park. The first is Alkaff Lake. The motivation for Alkaff Lake was taken from the past Alkaff Lake Garden(or Glad Nursery). A Japanese roused garden, well known with dating couples and families, thinking back to the 1930s with the principle highlight that incorporated a counterfeit lake. In this new form, Alkaff Lake has a similar quietness as well as a downpour tree on an island directly in the center of the lake!

For the children, there is a 5-meter tall tree house called the “home”. Likely motivated by the wood trails close by and giving kids a comparable encounter of playing “in the forested areas” however yet with all the security highlights tossed in.

Ultimately, there is a legacy stroll to give guests a point of view of what Bidadari used to be back in past times worth remembering.

Outline of Bidadari Park. Source: The Waterways Times

The Woodleigh Residences Format and Floor Plans

Since its relaunch, The Woodleigh Residences showflat has experienced a touch of change. I will give you probably the most recent refreshed showflat photographs and a portion of the more surprising highlights for every unit type.

3 Room Format

Record land costs additionally mean higher PSFs, which legitimately means a higher selling cost. More often than not, to keep units reasonable, a few engineers have turned to diminish the spans of the normal rooms to fit in only a solitary bed. On account of The Woodleigh Residences, with the exception of a couple of stacks, a large portion of the three-room unit types can fit in a sovereign bed. I accept that the engineer places solace and common sense above expenses.

You can register with the official Woodleigh Residence website to receive the Woodleigh Residence Floor Plan PDF.


the Woodleigh residences show flat3 bedroom master bedroom

Main room

Grown mutually by Singapore Press Property and Japanese accomplice Kajima, it is unavoidable that there will be Japanese components inside the advancement. What better approach to exhibit it with one of the most mechanically propelled toilets on the planet directly at The Woodleigh Residences. Despite the fact that, it is a downsized variant of a portion of the Japanese models, having this component would imply that you will never require ever to purchase a solitary move of bathroom tissue until the end of time. All things considered, perhaps still periodically since just the main restroom will have this component introduced. The remainder of the basic restrooms are will we say, are as yet normal.

Toto Can Bowl. You Will Never Need Tissue Until the end of time

Truly. The Can Bowl Accompanies A Control.

The three-room design likewise includes a few kitchen setups. They extend from the customary encased ones to a verandah styled form directly adjacent to the overhang. Contingent upon your utilization, there is in every case some unit type to take into account your needs.

The Woodleigh Residences 3 Room Floor Plans Type D3, D3-P

4 Room Format

All the more regularly found in regions 9, 10, 11 and the center focal districts of Singapore, the private lift is a sign of extravagance. With a land expenses of as of now $1181psf ppr for The Woodleigh Residences, what’s including somewhat more development expenses to lift the four-room units to an increasingly sumptuous status.


4 Room Showflat Design

Private Lift Hall For The 4 Room Units.

Another component that is only from time to time observed in different improvements in the arrangement of a two-entryway cooler. For a family unit that requires four rooms, there is a flat out requirement for a fridge of this size. Despite the fact that the grocery store is the correct first floor.

the Woodleigh residences 4 bedroom living room

4 Room Parlor

the Woodleigh residences 4 bedroom kitchen with fridge

Kitchen Design With 2 Entryway Cooler

Kitchen With Apparatuses Prepared From De Dietrich

Area To Open Transporation And Separation To Downtown area

With the Woodleigh MRT station straightforwardly underneath, it is useless to express the separation to the MRT station. Rather, I will show the strolling separation to the Stamford American Worldwide School. This universal school furnishes training for expats with kids running from the year and a half to 18 years. Potential inhabitants can emerge out of either the school personnel or families who send their children there. Particularly perfect for those with more youthful children since they can stroll to class. You don’t need to be dependent on school transports, which in some cases have a somewhat long voyaging time. Or then again being held payment by transport administrators who some of the time charge ludicrously costly expenses.

One of the different benchmarks I use is the separation and time taken to One Pools Quay, Singapore’s just money related locale. It is likewise one of the huge wellsprings of occupants in Singapore. As observed from the guide, there are different choices to arrive.

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